Birthday Observations

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
Wandering Around the Apartment in Amsterdam

(Reality Check #3) It is/was my birthday which sparked the idea of a birthday check in to talk about what has been going on, ideas and thoughts on this particular day, and things Im listening to or watching that I highly recommend.

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2 thoughts on “Birthday Observations

  1. Dear Mark,
    Wooo! monologue podcast!
    You seem to have some community loosely based on neighbourhood (or maybe restaurant/cafe?), I wonder how that works.
    Happy new year,

    1. John! ITs tricky in modern day Amsterdam to have a community in your own neighborhood (mass tourism has made it so that most of my neighbors are not actually neighbors but tourists for a few days stay) — But yes, in my neighborhood people love, among other things, one particular little gourmet caterer/deli and when you eat there, everyone is involved in the conversation and its a great place for enjoying community. Over time you get to see these same people periodically and enjoy a meal together. Its great.

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