RLTS002 Giving a Voice to the Voiceless: Shafiur Rahman

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
in Amsterdam, NL
Shafiur Rahman
in London, UK

For more than a decade he’s been learning about and presenting the stories of some of the most marginalized and ignored people in the world. From the River Gypsies of Bangladesh to the refugees trapped in the infamous Calais Jungle in France, Shafiur Rahman has been there and brought their stories out to the world. What compels him to pursue such stories? What has he learned along the way, and how does it all work as far as surviving as a documentary producer in this harsh media climate? Today on the Realities Podcast, we hear from the man himself on all these topics and more.

  • Shafiur Rahman’s Website (follow specific links to twitter, fb, vimeo videos, instagram)
  • Support the Crowdfunding Campaign: “School Room for River Gypsy Kids”
  • Opening Music Credit: Qawwal Shahabuddin from Geneva Camp recorded at Sound Corner, Mohammadpur
  • Photos (various in album art) by Shafiur Rahman

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