Live Streaming A New Season of Shows

This season Realities is live streaming special editions of ┬áthe show via the facebook page. These “Kitchen Table Conversations” are recorded live at my (Mark’s!) house in Amsterdam and feature talented and fun guests as well as excellent co-hosts and some of the most delicious tea you can imagine. Watch the schedule on the FB page, like it to get alerts when shows are coming up or about to begin. You can also get theseGo to the show page

Gabe Mac: Learning for the World of Tomorrow

Gabe Mac has been making media and teaching game design for over a decade and in the time he has come to see the long list of inconsistencies between the world that exists (and will exist in the future) and the way way formal education prepares people for that future. The writing is very much on the wall for what needs to happen with the concept of school and Gabe is here to read the beautiful graphitti and tell us about the tools and the tricks to set our children free, to get “us” out of the way of their education. Follow along at home, listen to this season of Kitchen Table Conversations, this time feature Carine Middeldorp and Gabe Mac talking education and the future of learning.

Natercia Rendeiro: The Joys and Heartache of Social Work

After immigrating to the United States in the 1970’s my mom’s life journey took a challenging and rewarding turn when she pursued a career as a school social worker in one of the most troubled school systems in the country. At home, I grew up with her stories and always noticed the combination of great satisfaction and frequent frustration; the system was a machine and that machine placed very little value on the humans that worked within it or the humans that it was established to serve. But my mother, who values helping others above all else, would not be deterred. On today’s program, the kickoff episode for a new season of Realities where the conversations will take place around the dinner table, you will hear from my mother as she and I look back at her career and eventually retirement, and how she sees it all now. The setting is her temporary kitchen table in Jensen Beach, Florida… an appropriate place to evaluate a magnificient career.

Birthday Observations

A run down of what is going on, what has been going on and more importantly — what Im listening to and loving these days that I really think others would enjoy.

Tom Brosseau: On People, Places, and Music

Tom Brosseau makes the kind of music you rarely find in the world today. Though Tom himself would probably say – you just need to look around. While on his European tour this fall, he played at StudioBar in Amsterdam and the following day came to the kitchen-studio to talk about music, his return to North Dakota, things he is working on and learning and much more. Tom is a great observer of people and the world around him, this is normally expressed through his music, but the next best thing has got to be through a podcast conversation.

RLTS006 Facing and Fighting Terminal Cancer at 36

Whomever you are, wherever you are, chances are your life has been affected by cancer. In some cases we hear from those battling the illness, their triumphs, their tragedies, and all the wisdom and observations that are shared along the way. Other times people turn inward, they go quiet and get private in an effort to do what must be done.
A few short months ago Matthew Dons and his family got the news that he has cancer already in an advanced stage. Ever since then he has three major priorities in his life. Today on the podcast we are joined by Matthew to talk about what he is going through that many others out there may also be able to relate to. He will also talk about his funding campaign that needs your participation, to help him afford treatment that will give him more time to live.

RLTS005 Mitch Altman: The Joy of Making

Over the past decades Mitch Altman’s work hasnt been about just making things, but about making a difference, by teaching others the power of making things long before it became the hot topic for conferences, magazines, and governments around the world. Despite the fact that nowadays all of the above are eager to get him to come share his wisdom, hoping to spread the spirit and knowledge that comes with making things, Mitch has remained true to his life mission: to do what he loves while making the world a better (not worse) place. You might know him for the TV-B-Gone, but well beyond the device are the ideas and values that make him one of the great teachers of our time.