RLTS006 Facing and Fighting Terminal Cancer at 36

Mark Fonseca Rendeiro
In Amsterdam, NL
Matthew Dons aka Karamoon
In Tokyo, Japan
Clean Pete
Song: Lied Zonder Woorden
My Bubba and Mi
Song: Apple Spell
Mischa Mishenko
Song: Wandering Light

Whomever you are, wherever you are, chances are your life has been affected by cancer. Sometimes we hear from those battling the illness, their triumphs, their struggle, and all the wisdom and observations that are shared along the way. Other times people turn inward, they go quiet and get private in an effort to do what must be done.
A few short months ago Matthew Dons and his family got the news that he has cancer already in an advanced stage. Ever since then he has three major priorities in his life. Today on the podcast we are joined by Matthew to talk about what he is going through that many others out there may also be able to relate to. He will also talk about his funding campaign that needs your participation, to help him afford treatment that will give him more time to live.

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