Live with Arielle Dundas and Joana Ponder

Arielle Dundas and Joana Ponder are at the kitchen table today to discuss standup comedy, knowing what you’re doing with your life, the connection between sex and art, American dogs, bike fights, and waiting for packages. You can see Arielle at Boom Chicago in Amsterdam on October 21st! You can listen to Joana on the Ponder Cast!

Bushcraft and Survivalism with the Online Caveman

Could you survive in the wilderness for 48 hours? How much or little do you need for a 5 day hike? Can you build a fire without matches? Today at the kitchen table — the Online Caveman himself, Marc Smeehuijzen joins us to talk Bushcraft and tell some fantastic stories of the fascinating and sometimes hilarious situations he has gotten himself into.

The Leg Bank: Revolutionizing Prosthetics

A few years ago Merel Rumping was working with street children in Colombia when she began learning more and more about the impact of war on the lives of individuals. Spefically the number of people who had lost a limb and were in need of a prosthesis. Fastforward to 2017 and she is now part of the team at The Leg Bank, which helps low income people in Colombia get real access to affordable prosthetics. Today at the kitchen table, joined by her colleague/designer Susana Herrera, Merel joins us to talk about her experience and the latest news from the Leg Bank. Also at the table today is the wonderful research journalist Marieke Buijs. It is a story of dedication, innovation, and above all — heart.

Matthew Dons: The Future World of Work (Part II)

What will the world of work look like in 20 to 30 years? Will the concept of school as we know it still exist? Should it exist? Matthew Dons joins me to talk about his experience home schooling his children and what he sees for their future in a world where very little will look like what we know today as work, education and above all “career”.

Matthew Dons is fighting cancer in an effort to have more time with his family and welcomes anyone willing to help him fund his treatment. Click the link and donate to the GoFundMe campaign.

Matthew Dons: Education at Home (Part 1 of 2)

As Matthew Dons fights for his life he is also taking stock of lessons learned and what matters most to him. One tradition in his Tokyo household is education his children at home. From the process of starting home schooling in Japan to the day-to-day activities of his children, it is an insightful and inspiring story that looks at what education could and should be for the kind of future that is already here.

Janelle Ward on The Complexity of Online Dating

Impression management; your image on social media; online dating – everywhere you go in your internet life, you’re projecting an image of yourself. Today at the kitchen table, we’re speaking with researcher, writer and communications consultant Janelle Ward about what is going on when it comes to these online selves we’ve created and what impact this has on how our society functions. Also joining me at the kitchen table, reknowned legal and cultural scholar Aamna Chaudhry. Subscribe by finding Realities Podcast in any podcast directory or watch the livestream on the Realities FB page.

Gabe Mac: Learning for the World of Tomorrow

Gabe Mac has been making media and teaching game design for over a decade and in the time he has come to see the long list of inconsistencies between the world that exists (and will exist in the future) and the way way formal education prepares people for that future. The writing is very much on the wall for what needs to happen with the concept of school and Gabe is here to read the beautiful graphitti and tell us about the tools and the tricks to set our children free, to get “us” out of the way of their education. Follow along at home, listen to this season of Kitchen Table Conversations, this time feature Carine Middeldorp and Gabe Mac talking education and the future of learning.

Natercia Rendeiro: The Joys and Heartache of Social Work

After immigrating to the United States in the 1970’s my mom’s life journey took a challenging and rewarding turn when she pursued a career as a school social worker in one of the most troubled school systems in the country. At home, I grew up with her stories and always noticed the combination of great satisfaction and frequent frustration; the system was a machine and that machine placed very little value on the humans that worked within it or the humans that it was established to serve. But my mother, who values helping others above all else, would not be deterred. On today’s program, the kickoff episode for a new season of Realities where the conversations will take place around the dinner table, you will hear from my mother as she and I look back at her career and eventually retirement, and how she sees it all now. The setting is her temporary kitchen table in Jensen Beach, Florida… an appropriate place to evaluate a magnificient career.

Birthday Observations

A run down of what is going on, what has been going on and more importantly — what Im listening to and loving these days that I really think others would enjoy.