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RLCK2 Checking in from Wikimania 2016

As I walk down a mountain path between trees and fields of green and the constant sound of streams and small water falls, decided to do this Reality Check to say hello and describe what the experience has been like.

RLTS002 Giving a Voice to the Voiceless: Shafiur Rahman

For over a decade now documentarian Shafiur Rahman has been bring us images and voices of people who even in an era of hyper media, are rarely noticed. They are the undocumented, the untouchable, the imprisoned, and oppressed; and they live in rich and poor countries throughout this world.
For this second episode of our new podcast adventure, Shafiur joins us to present his work with refugees in the infamous “Calais Jungle”, River People in Bangladesh, and migrants trapped in Libya.. to name just a few of his powerful projects. How do we begin to understand so much of this human made suffering, and what is or can be done to alleviate it? How does Shafiur approach each topic and accomplish such difficult work? These questions and more on today’s edition of the Realities Podcast.