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RLTS004 Massoud Hossaini: War Photography and the New Generation of Afghanistan

More than 6 years ago I met Massoud Hossaini in Kabul just before parliamentary elections and at the start of Ramadan. Back then, just like today, he taught me about the ups and downs of life in Afghanistan. From culture, to economics, to politics, to the basics of how humans treat one another, Massoud is never shy to state what he sees going on. His photographs have earned him critical acclaim from all over the world, a fact that has helped ensure we continue to see each other over the years even if I can’t make it to Afghanistan. Today on the Realities Podcast, I’m very happy to bring you a conversation with Massoud Hossaini on topics like education, corruption, work, and global insecurity. Sit back and listen to a very passionate human being with insight and experiences that few on this planet can say they have.