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Matthew Dons: Education at Home (Part 1 of 2)

As Matthew Dons fights for his life he is also taking stock of lessons learned and what matters most to him. One tradition in his Tokyo household is education his children at home. From the process of starting home schooling in Japan to the day-to-day activities of his children, it is an insightful and inspiring story that looks at what education could and should be for the kind of future that is already here.

RLTS005 Mitch Altman: The Joy of Making

Over the past decades Mitch Altman’s work hasnt been about just making things, but about making a difference, by teaching others the power of making things long before it became the hot topic for conferences, magazines, and governments around the world. Despite the fact that nowadays all of the above are eager to get him to come share his wisdom, hoping to spread the spirit and knowledge that comes with making things, Mitch has remained true to his life mission: to do what he loves while making the world a better (not worse) place. You might know him for the TV-B-Gone, but well beyond the device are the ideas and values that make him one of the great teachers of our time.